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InstaForex Review

Instaforex is a relatively new online forex broker established back in 2007, and now spanning more than 50 countries worldwide. They have the most popular and advanced platform available today, the MetaTrader 4 available only by download. The Metatrader platform is exceptional for direct access to world markets, timely forex market news and instant/deposit withdraw methods.

Instaforex is ideal for new traders with their unique ability to open an account for as little as $1 (micro forex) using the Insta Standard forex account. This account also has two other deposit levels of $100 (mini forex) and $1000 (standard account) that can provide you with additional leverage. These accounts are fixed spread with no extra commissions or account fees. This account will appeal to both the novice and professional currency trader.

The Insta Eurica account allows for no spread deals by charging the trader a fixed fee to open a trader starting at 0.02% of the trading volume. Selection of up to 32 currency pairs is available. This account does not provide any additional trading tools or unique features, but does provide a more transparent trade processing system to both beginning and more experienced traders.

Providing superior foreign currency trading services to the the online trader while having access to the larger market makers and brokers has truly given Instaforex an advantage and allowed them to develop a broad client list while continuing a high liquidity and speedy online FX services to their clients. InstaForex is an ECN broker, where clients gain access to the most advanced information technologies and quality products like Metaquotes software, Dowjones newswires, Reuters and e-signal, just to name a few.